Communication these days has become an important factor for humans to remain in touch and to get instructions and guidelines. Previous history of human communication involves sending hand written letters. Mobile devices replaced the old fashioned communication style, while latest trends are changing the communication style further. Mobile Communication & Current Trends: Mobile Communication in Pakistan involves making voice calls, text based messages, multimedia services and internet services. Pakistan Telecom Industry has a population of over 105 million subscribers. With 6 Telecom Operators including Mobilink Jazz, Telenor, Zong, Ufone, Warid and SCO, Pakistan Telecom Subscribers are now using 3G and 4G LTE Services after successful launch last year. The current security situation in Pakistan is not too well, as Law & Order Forces are struggling hard to secure Pakistan and make it a peaceful land for its residents. PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority) blocks Phone Services during special occasions like during VIP movements, Festivals, Public Holidays etc. Blockage of Mobile Services on 23rd March 2015 on Pakistan Resolution Day in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is the most recent example. The blockage of mobile services by government authorities is to make sure secure and safe environment, however it hurts public as they rely heavily on these services for communication each other. Alternate Plan: Fast and reliable communication is of utmost value. Apart from Mobile Services, there exists such web forums which offer to Send SMS from Web to Mobile Devices. These sites are really helpful for communication during such blockage. A person with a registered Mobile Number to that site can send and receive messages 24 hours a day without any blockage. Send SMS to Pakistan any time: SMS sending from Web to Mobile Devices allows you to Send Unlimited SMS. Being a user of Pakistanís largest Mobile Network, you may want to exchange your thoughts in words. You can Send Free SMS to Mobilink Jazz from without any limitation of text messages in a day. allows you to Send as many SMS as you can to Mobilink Jazz. You just need to registered with site, verify your Mobile number and then start sending SMS Messages to more than 38 million Mobilink numbers. is a Pakistan based Web Portal that allows its registered subscribers to Send Free SMS to Mobilink Jazz and all other Mobile Networks in Pakistan. Apart from just SMS Services, iFun.Pk publishes articles on material that is trending and relevant to Pakistan. You can enjoy Telecom, Entertainment and Sports Threads. How to Send Free SMS from iFun to Mobile: You need to register with and login to your account after verification of your account. Choose the number to which you want to Send Free SMS from and the recipient will receive the message in no time, just like a normal message.